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KIS Investors Forum 2018 (ȫ/̰)


Ƽ(A145720) Դϴ.


Company Overview

01. Company Profile 

Leading Developer & Valued Creator

02. History

Jump toward the Global Enterprise with expanding into overseas market in 2018 

03. Implant Overview

Implant treatment effective for tooth restoration

04. Domestic Network

Domestic Network (Manufacture & Sales & Education) 

05. Overseas Network

Headquarter  :  Sales, Marketing, R&D,  Production,  LAB,  Management

Domestic Sales Network : 15 Branches, 3 Sales Offices, 1 Hospital Team

06. Sales System & Strategy

Business Contents

01. Business Areas

Offering Full Dentistry Solution Line-up from Planning to Treatment and to Prosthetic Dentistry

02. Brand Power (T.I.C)

Sustainable Development Based On Trustworthy, Innovation and Challenge

03. Global Dental Implant Market Size 

The Global Dental Implant Market Is Expected to Show Continued Growth Mainly Driven by China

04. Dental Implant Market Competition Landscape 

Formation of Oligopolistic Market 

dominated by competitive overseas/domestic major companies

05. Chinese Market with High Growth Potential 

Background of Chinese Market with High Growth Potential

06. Business Landscape in China

M/S Expansion In The Rapidly Growing Chinese Market

07. Business Landscape in India

Fast-Growing India Market As The Post China

Business Performance and Plan

01. Business Performance

Continued growth in sales and top-line profitability

02. Industry-leading Profitability

The highest profitability in the industry based on the internalization of core products 

03. Mid/Long-term Business Strategies

Ensure Sustainable Business Growth through Continued New Product Releases and Entry into New Overseas Markets

04. Vision 2020

Global Top 5 Dental Implant Solution Provider by 2020


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